A major feature length documentary on the human and environmental cost of the fashion industry
Sweatshops and modern-day slave labour are producing the world’s best-known brands for a pittance. You’ve heard it all before, but it’s worse than you think. There is an even darker side to the global fashion industry, and this story has yet to be told.

It involves child slavery, 1,000 deaths a day from pesticide poisoning, farmers committing suicide in staggering numbers, pet cats and dogs made into leather, the destruction and contamination of our planet. All this is conveniently brushed under the carpet. This is the story of the innocent people who are ‘dying to clothe you’.

This film exposes the insidious and scandalous truth about the global fashion industry and 'the clothes you buy'. The whole supply chain is rotten to the core. This exposé will leave an indelible stain on the fashion industry.​
West Africa - a cotton farmer accidentally poisons his family by contaminating their drinking water with deadly pesticide.
Tiruppur, India - the T-shirt capital of the world - is now so polluted with chemicals used for bleaching and dyeing that it has become a toxic wasteland. Garment workers here have a life expectancy of just 5 - 10 years.

In China - over 2 million pet cats and dogs are stolen and skinned alive each year in the name of ‘fashion.’ Their skins are used for gloves, wallets, belts, hats, collar trims, toys and accessories. Deliberately mislabelled, dog and cat leather is being sold to unsuspecting customers throughout the world. Most of these dogs and cats are domestic pets stolen from families on the streets and still have their collars on.

In the West – greedy 1st World Fashion Giants have created an insatiable demand for fast fashion, throwaway clothes, 52 ‘micro-seasons’ a year and the rabid consumer frenzy of Black Friday. Glossy advertising seduces the ignorant to become shopping addicts and fashion victims buying clothes for pure entertainment. This film exposes the gulf between: 1st world glamour, money and prestige with 3rd world horror, illness and death; shiny shopping malls with toxic, death-trap factories; 1st world consumers buying clothes for fun with 3rd world workers making clothes to survive.
'Dying to Clothe You’ will shock viewers into changing their buying habits, so they no longer just wonder ‘Who made my clothes?’ but also, ‘Who died making them?’ There is hope. There is a solution. But it involves all of us! The time for change is now!