What is the problem?
This documentary will serve to alert people to the problems caused by the unethical fashion industry and fast-fashion business model. This means exposing the truth about:
Ÿthe production line: the cotton farmers, debt, sickness, suicides and deaths
the cotton industry: the deadly pesticides being used
the garment production industry: toxic working conditions, inhumane treatment, abuse and violence towards workers
the garment factory: tight deadlines, low profit margins
the fashion houses:  lack of responsibility, accountability and transparency
the media/advertising: product promotion, problem disassociation
the consumer: unconsciousness, shopping addicts
the planet: the pollution and destruction of ecology & environment
the garment worker: human rights, slavery, exploitation, violence, abuse, sickness, suicides, 
What is the solution?
This documentary will also serve to alert people to the solution - a new, uplifting and enriching fashion industry for all:
the ethical fashion industry & organic, sustainable fashion ethical production,
ethical production, manufacturing, factories and workplaces
ethical business models: integrity, accountability, transparency
ethical advertising: consumer awareness and consumer care
human rights, equality, enrichment, liberation, harmony, health, integrity, compassion and consciousness
Shocking facts! Did you know…?  
The conventional cotton industry plays a huge part in the contamination and destruction of nature, resources and eco-systems on the planet?
over 1000 people died when a garment factory collapsed in 2016 in Bangladesh?
hundreds of Indian garment workers were burned alive in a locked factory with bars at the windows and no fire escapes?- many garment-makers, mainly women and children, are abused, harassed and beaten by factory owners if they protest about working conditions?
local factory managers are squeezed by Fashion Corporations to produce garments at the lowest cost price? They thus compromise on health and safety causing toxic and dangerous factory working conditions. They also resort to abuse, threats and violence towards workers to meet the pressure of tight deadlines.
1st world Fashion Corporations are ruthlessly exploiting 3rd world ‘cheap’ labour while turning over billions of dollars in profits each year?


Our Intention
We are a group of conscious individuals with a sincere desire to promote awareness and create change. This project has grown from a simple conversation between two friends, into a major film production, highlighting the social and environmental devastation caused by the fashion industry.